Would you like to partner with us?

If you own a website and would like to make your website profitable, you can apply to become an affiliate partner through an affiliate network (we use Rakuten).

Then, as an affiliate of Morealis, you can download our banners, text ads, coupons and place links on Rakuten(Linkshare) and upload these on your website.

When your visitors click these links to Morealis and place an order within 15 days, you can receive our at least 4% commission of the order value. Sometimes, we would also launch some kind of special deals and promotions with a higher commission rate to increase your revenue in our program.


We want to vendor for YOU!

We are team of 8 people that are currently managing and maintaining the 2 businesses and generating more than over six figures in revenue per month in sales!

Our Morealis community comes from all types of social networks to create a warm and welcoming environment for all.

If you're an established brand that would like to work with Morealis, we are always available to speak at morealis.us@gmail.com. Our registered licenses as well as resale certificate are ready to be submitted to your business as well.