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Thank you for the quick delivery! Unfortunately trying to find a contractor to help with our remodel took a few months. The Forno gas range is beautiful!! The only problem is one of the burners does not ignite and when you turn on the broiler the knobs get to hot to touch… it can burn your hand. The broiler does not stay lit for to long, it keeps shutting itself off. I am not sure who to contact or if I still have a warranty. Is there someone I can call?

Great Fridge but not Great Availability

Ordered in November but not received until July! And delivery folks didn't want to wait while we uncrated it, but they did. Delivered to our back porch only.
This is a great refrigerator, which can also be programmed as a freezer. Very large capacity with a bottom drawer/basket. Easy enough to install ourselves. We are enjoying the FULL SIZE of refrigeration in one place as we have a full size freezer as well. Very nice product and I would highly recommend. Just be ready to wait for delivery.

Such a beautiful model

So glad I waited the 5 months. I was assisted by Karen and she is amazing!! I am interested in buying the toe kit for my range

Wrong color

The range top works well but the color that I initially wanted is not what I received, I ordered stainless steel with the champagne bronze accent to match my other appliances in stainless steel, but instead, I received a black with the champagne bronze accent. I decided not to return it since I already had the installer that day but I made sure to let the company know their mistake.

The best table for its price

I've been looking for an aluminum table for our backyard and this table perfectly suited my preference. I love how simple its design is yet it is solidly constructed. The only con is you need to do constant wiping and cleaning if you want your table to always look neat.

I love this wine cooler!

I love this upright wine cooler for its unique design and concept plus it fits perfectly on my counter. Guests have been commenting on how beautiful it is to see the wines upright plus the adjustable light adds a nice decorating touch. I totally recommend it over other wine coolers.

Great design

The grill just arrived yesterday. We haven't used it yet, but we are happy with the design and flawless look. I can't wait for it to be set up so we can try it.

Beautiful, just the modern look I was going for. I purchased 2 of them and I am very pleased.

We adore the large range, which we bought two years ago. Works perfectly so far; no significant difficulties. The oven racks' difficult slide is the only issue. Better glides or rollers with ball bearings are recommended. Very hard to slide in and out.

Large oven; simple to clean stovetop. Cooking is good ! The oven cooks evenly, the pots heat up much more quickly, and I adore the timer and time cook options. Installation was simple. Looks quite modern.

It looks wonderful above our stove, has decent air flow, is simple to clean, and has lovely bright LED lights.

ZLINE Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood in Walnut - Includes Remote Motor - 373RR-RD
Ayah Stevenson
Beautiful piece!

We haven't installed it yet because we're still building, but it looks just as beautiful as designer hoods that cost three times as much without the exhaust fan.

Easy Installation

Was looking for a wooden hood to match our black cabinets. Distressed black on unit was perfect and installation was easy. Very happy so far.

ZLINE Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood in Walnut and Hamilton - Includes Motor - 369WH
Hadiqa Boyer
Good looking hood!!

My order arrived on schedule and in fantastic condition. The hood appears to be sturdy and attractive. I haven't connected it yet, but the blower appears to be a good device. I'll post an update after I've connected it.

Nice range!

This device was a terrific investment because it came with a bespoke cabinet and a professional-style hood system.

ZLINE Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood in Walnut and Hamilton - Includes Remote Motor - 369WH-RD
Bertie Miller

It's lovely and well-made. The only drawback is that it whistles on settings #2 and above.

ZLINE Wooden Wall Mount Range Hood in Walnut and Hamilton - Includes Remote Motor - 369WH-RS-400
Rubie Feeney

Amazing, much exceeded my expectations. I nearly felt like I was purchasing a Gucci purse in terms of quality, design, and packing.

Wonderful range

We've had it for a few weeks and it's wonderful quality, very fan, and looks beautiful. The white hue is certainly off white, which is ideal for me, but please be mindful.

This hood draws the steam directly from the stove, in contrast to our previous one. Even though it's a touch louder than I'd like, it does the job.

My family was searching for a gas range that was affordable but efficient. We were very certain that we would purchase this product without hesitating once we realized how inexpensive it was and how straightforward but user-friendly it appeared to be.

For the money, the range is excellent. This line is fantastic! It looks lovely and performs flawlessly. Overall, I would purchase this range once more without hesitation.

Despite being difficult to install, it looks fantastic and performs well. Great for low ceilings.

Nicely built

The oven is incredibly nicely built. Stainless steel is welded throughout. The LED lights in the oven truly lend a high-end touch. It arrived swiftly, and we are quite pleased with the quality.

Powerful range

This Cosmo Range is built to last! So far, I'm quite pleased with it. It's the focal point of my freshly renovated kitchen. The delivery truck brought the range. It was a little dangerous because one of the pallet's feet had sheared off, so it had to be shimmed to keep level. After removing all of the shrink wrap and cardboard, the range was discovered to be intact and in wonderful shape. The installation was quite straightforward. One thing to keep in mind is that this range requires a 110v outlet. Most ranges operate on 220 volts, so ensure that your electric has the appropriate voltage and outlet.

Fast Delivery!

The huge oven and burners are fantastic. The oven temperature is ideal. The delivery was quite easy, and the people were very courteous and answered all of my questions.