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Ilve Cast Iron Simmer Plate

The cast iron simmer plate works great! Prior to purchase I checked to see if item was in stock I was told yes, turns out it was not. Definitely took long to receive item, contacted Morealis via email, no reply, called twice and was then told it should be arriving soon. I would have appreciated the honest from the beginning .

Order # 10961; incorrect color shipped.

Range received yesterday, 11/28. Not in service yet. Unit appears undamaged.
However, color ordered was RED; (not gold as indicated in your header); color received was stainless steel. Thus the low rating.
We look forward to putting it into service and using it.

Forno refrigerator

Excellent service and we love the fridge!

Nice Italiano

So far its great, good looking. We went from a 1921 Queen Atlantic Royal gas +wood combo range/oven so the new techo is quite differant, the ILVE heats up so much faster, hope it lasts 100+ years like our old stove, ha just jokeing!!

Customer service was great- friendly, returned calls promptly, knowledgeable
This range hood looks beautiful in our kitchen.
The remote is very hard to use! Have a difficult time getting the buttons to work.
The hood is louder than I thought it would be. The lowest setting is about all I can take and then for only a short time. Could only get one light setting to work.
The instruction booklet on how to use the remote is not clear. Ie; the timer. Apparently, the sensor for the remote is somewhere between the 2 panels of the hood which is difficult to aim for, let alone see clearly, especially since I am short and my husband and I are in our 70’s -80’s.
Would look for something else if I had to do it over again.

Cast Iron Simmer Plate - A0953610

Fast delivery, works great!

The fridge is fantastic.

Excellent size and style. We adore the refrigerator and freezer; they are excellent appliances. Nice appearance in our kitchen.

savvy layout

This refrigerator is really lovely! It is designed smartly. runs smoothly. Food is very visible. Lights and compartments are both excellent.

Will absolutely recommend this Line

Since my previous stove was so difficult to clean no matter what I did, I was initially on the fence about purchasing this one. This one looks great and is simple to clean. I would advise it.

excellently organized and efficient

I required this specifically for my kitchen and my baking business. It has plenty of room for stovetop cooking and a sizable area for baking many dishes quickly. It is excellent, well-organized, and functional.

Definitely a wise investment

My mother decided that since our old range recently died on us, we should purchase this new range. It was a wise investment on my part, no doubt. It cooks even better than my old one and has a nice appearance.

extremely cleanable and gorgeous

It looks amazing and is incredibly simple to clean. It provides excellent circulation, removes heat and moisture from the air, and makes your kitchen feel cooler.


This Zline range is a top-notch unit. It performs admirably for the cost. If you follow the manual it is simple to install. Definitely a wise investment.

Would recommend

I am satisfied with my buy. I've never had any problems with the burner or the oven; they both function flawlessly. Definitely a recommendation!

Extraordinary service!

Even though this range is not as expensive as other luxury brands in the market, this range assures quality and is really well put together. Additionally, their service is excellent because they did not make any mistakes with the shipping. This company is top-notch. Offering, quality of service, and cost are all important factors. Now I have the kitchen of my dreams.

Aesthetically attractive

We chose the time to remodel our kitchen when it caught fire after being struck by lightning a few months ago. This Zline range hood is the only one I could locate that I considered to be aesthetically attractive, and it completely complements my Forte appliances. Even on speed four, the fan is much quieter than our old hood. Our major move in date is in four days, so I'm extremely thrilled to finally be home and enjoy my newly remodeled kitchen, complete with the Zline range hood. 

Will test soon

We'll see how it works as we only installed it yesterday. It came in good packaging. I bought it since there are no computer components to fail, making it simple. Less can be more. Good looking. All is well thus far.

Thumbs up!

This stove is fantastic, and Forte delivered it quickly. According to our contractor, setting up the range is fairly simple. I was able to take advantage of their special promotion, so I also got a wonderful deal on the pricing! Forte gets a thumbs up!

ZLINE Autograph Edition 36 in. Range with Gas Stove and Gas Oven in Stainless Steel with Gold Accents, RGZ-36-G
D. Thornton
Range that has accurate temperature and very good looking

Love this item so much. It cooks at the proper temperature and is quite attractive to look at. It is also very simple to clean.

Enjoy cooking

Despite the fact that I'm a man, I enjoy cooking, and thus far, it's been great! Buy this range instead, stop looking for other brands.

Just have it

This stove has all the qualities I desired, therefore I really enjoy it. I'm eager to celebrate Thanksgiving using it. It cleans up so easily with little effort. It's convenient that high heat isn't really necessary unless boiling. There's not much else to say outside the fact that I love my new stove, which I've just owned for a couple of weeks.

ZLINE 30 Inch wide, 1.6 cu ft. Built-in Convection Microwave Oven in Stainless Steel with Speed and Sensor Cooking - MWO-30
Celestine B.
on time and works great

arrived on time and it is working great

I love it

It is lovely. I adore it a lot. It's really lovely. This is the one I prefer to use for baking and cooking.

ZLINE 24" 1.2 cu. ft. Stainless Steel Microwave Drawer with 30" Trim Kit - MWD-TK-30
Denice A.
Powerful Microwave

Bought this one because of its size. Needed a small microwave to fit specific space. Worried it might not be as powerful as previous large unit but impressed with the power. Heats great, evenly and good price.

highly suggestable

Unwanted smoke and odors are effectively extracted by this Z Line Hood range hood. I would advise anyone who cooks frequently to try this.