How to Select the Best Refrigerator For You

Whether you're planning a kitchen remodel or simply upgrading your appliance, selecting a new refrigerator can be difficult. With so many styles, sizes, and prices to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right refrigerator for your kitchen. A refrigerator should reflect how your family uses the kitchen and have enough space for both fresh and frozen foods. So, here's a quick guide to picking the best refrigerator for your kitchen.

Consider Refrigerator Design

There are numerous refrigerator designs to choose from. These are some examples:

Top Freezer: The freezer compartment in these models is at eye level, and the refrigerator shelves are typically wide. This allows you to store larger trays of food and reach items in the back of the shelves more easily.

Bottom Freezer: This is the most common style, with the refrigerator located at the chest or waist level. The higher refrigerator position is far more convenient because the refrigerator is typically opened up to ten times more frequently than the freezer.

Side by Side: This model features a freezer on the left and a refrigerator on the right. A side-by-side refrigerator requires less space for door swing clearance, making it more convenient for a kitchen with an island or narrow spaces. 

French Doors: This is the industry's fastest growing style. It's designed with a bottom freezer layout but side by side French doors that open from the center. This symmetrical design makes installation easier and requires less door clearance. Furthermore, the wide shelves allow for easy storage of larger trays.

The style of refrigerator you choose will be heavily influenced by the layout of your kitchen and your personal preferences. A side by side or French door refrigerator is likely to be the best choice if your new refrigerator will be placed in an area with limited door swing space. If your door swing space is not limited, you might prefer the convenience and space provided by another refrigerator style.

Look for Unique Features

Once you've decided on the style that will work best with your kitchen layout, think about what features your family will require. Beyond basic ice makers, it is common to find innovative features on new refrigerators these days. There are aesthetic features which may be more compatible with your kitchen. There are also smart refrigerators which allow you to look at the weather or connect to your phone and let you know if there is anything wrong with your fridge. All of these features should be considered as this is a purchase that you will be using daily for many years.

Verify Your Size

Finally, you must confirm the dimensions of your new refrigerator. It is common to fail to properly measure the space for appliances, which can lead to major issues. There are no standard sizes for refrigerators, but if you have a 70" high and 36" wide opening, there are many models to choose from. Remember that proper ventilation requires an inch of clearance on all sides of the refrigerator.

A refrigerator is essential in any kitchen, but your family may require more than a basic unit. It is worthwhile to consider the numerous options available in order to find the model that is best suited to your kitchen and family.

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