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ILVE, a leading manufacturer for nearly 70 years, was founded in 1952. Focusing on handmade commercial-grade ovens that are thought to be among the finest cooking appliances in the world. 304 surgical-grade, non-magnetic stainless steel is used in all ILVE ranges. When you buy an ILVE oven, you're getting a rust-proof, durable, and more hygienic appliance than the average brand.

ILVE Oven Features

Some of the features that set ILVE ranges apart from the competition are as follows:

  • Quick-start pre-heating brings your temperature up to 350°F in less than 6 minutes.
  • Dual capillary thermostats for more precise temperature control
  • Cooking in the microwave reduces food shrinkage and splatter.
  • Solid metal handles and knobs, as well as heavily insulated oven cavities that protect the cabinetry around them
  • Doors and glass are completely removable for easy deep cleaning.

Pizza, Lower Floor Heating, Upper Element, Fan Grill, Fan Assisted and Fan Forced, Conventional Grill with Rotisserie, Quick Start, and Defrost are among the ten cooking functions found in most ILVE ovens.

ILVE ovens have cavity cooling fans that turn on when the oven reaches a predetermined temperature and continue to run after the oven is turned off. The BIO-safe triple-coated glass door on the ranges prevents overheating and makes it safer to use.

What are the various styles of ILVE Ranges?

ILVE has three product lines: Professional Plus, Nostalgie, and Majestic II.

The Professional Plus and Nostalgiue are built similarly, with similar high-end finishes and BTUs. They are available in either all-gas or dual-fuel configurations. The Nostalgie has one-of-a-kind retro features for enthusiasts looking for modern appliances with a sleek, nostalgic design.

The Majestic II is ILVE's most technologically advanced range series, with features such as optional induction ranges and self-cleaning ovens (you can review a complete comparison of the various models here).


The Professional Plus and Nostalgie ranges come in all-gas (gas cooktop and oven) and dual fuel configurations (gas cooktop with electric oven). The Majestic II includes dual fuel and electric ranges, as well as an induction cooktop and electric ovens.

Oven sizes range from the compact 60cm unit to the large 150cm wide ovens. Even the larger electric ovens are extremely energy efficient, so you will be saving a lot of money.


ILVE burners, with the exception of induction cooktops, are made of solid brass rather than aluminum, ensuring greater stability at high temperatures and reducing the risk of rusting.


ILVE offers ten different color finishes and four trim options, giving the buyer thousands of different unique finishes. Because of this adaptability, your order will be tailored to your tastes and preferences.


If you enjoy both design and cooking, the ILVE oven is an excellent choice. They provide prestige pieces with practical and diverse cooking functions that are simple to maintain. If you want extra detail and the quality that can only be achieved by hand-crafting appliances, ILVE is the brand for you.

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