Everything you need to know about ILVE's range cooker colour options.

I have seen some gorgeous customised ILVE range cookers recently, some of them have been in the most unique colours. This week I thought that I would talk about all the fabulous colour options when choosing your cooker. There are 8 different standard choices for a Milano/Majestic range cooker. There are the more commonly picked finishes - two stunning shades of White, two shades of black and a stainless steel. However, they also offer three beautiful, rich colours including Midnight Blue, Emerald Green and Burgundy Red. These three finishes are a perfect choose for a Milano style as it suits the sophisticated design so well.



That’s before I get started on ILVE’s fabulous colour match service! Bold coloured range cookers are such a huge trend in 2020, bright, show-stopping colours are such great way to make your cooker a real statement piece. ILVE range cookers are already such a beautiful feature for your kitchen, but now, by choosing a customised RAL colour, your range cooker can be a breath-taking focal point. The recent cookers I have spotted, and which are simply gorgeous are a stunning coral Majestic Milano, and a bright orange Roma. By choosing a RAL colour you can either have the ultimate match to the rest of the kitchen design or can be a contrasting pop of vibrant colour.



As much as I love the dramatic, bold coloured cookers- I’m not sure If I would be brave enough to do this myself, but I love seeing kitchens where customers blend the bold with calmer tones. I prefer the option of choosing the EXACT colour and dream of owning a dark dusky pink Majestic range cooker to match the pink hues in my kitchen décor!

If you go down the exact match route you can get a perfect shade to match your kitchenthem. Earlier this week I saw an incredible Burgundy kitchen featuring a Burgundy Red Majestic range cooker on Instagram, it looked so classy and modern. 


Did you know that you can also choose a finish for your ILVE’s knobs, handles and trim? The options are Chrome (a shiny silver), Bronze (a dark, antique finish) Copper (very close to rose gold), and Brass (more like a bright, yellow gold.) White range cookers have been so popular with the Brass finish! One of my personal favourite kitchens that I have seen was where the cooker finish also matched the cabinet handles. I predict that white kitchen featuring white cookers with gold accents all around the kitchen will be a massive trend in 2020.



 So, no matter whether you like the subtle or the very bold- your perfect cooker is out there for you!


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