Differences between ILVE Majestic, Nostalgie and Professional Plus

ILVE Range Series Showdown: Nostalgie vs. Majestic vs. Professional Plus

When it comes to premium kitchen appliances, ILVE is a household name, especially with their range of stovetops and ovens. But with such a diverse range, how does one choose between the Nostalgie, Majestic, and Professional Plus series? We've got you covered with a comprehensive comparison.

1. Nostalgie Series: Design: The Nostalgie series exudes a classic aesthetic, ideal for kitchens looking for a timeless look. One standout feature is the rounded oven window, adding a touch of vintage charm.

Customization: Unique to the Nostalgie range, you have over 200 custom RAL colors at your disposal, with a choice of trim materials, namely chrome, brass, or bronze.

Functionality: Offering both gas and dual fuel models, the Nostalgie caters to a wider range of culinary needs. The oven operates between 100°- 500° F with 9 modes, and the gas cooktop has a burner range between 1100 BTU to 15,500 BTU.

2. Majestic Series: Design: The Majestic series leans towards a traditional design. Its rounded edges combined with a rectangular window lend a timeless feel.

Customization: Like Nostalgie, you can tailor the Majestic with a multitude of RAL colors. It stands out with its digital controls and is the sole ILVE series offering self-cleaning.

Functionality: The Majestic boasts an extensive range of temperature options and cooking modes, including steam cooking and an Eco Cooking function. With oven temperatures ranging between 85°- 575° F and a whopping 16 oven modes, it's a chef's delight. Additionally, it features the highest burner output and offers the unique non-stick nanotech burner coating, making maintenance a breeze. And if induction cooking is your thing, Majestic has got you covered.

Note: It doesn’t offer a 24-inch model but provides an exclusive plinth foot option.

3. Professional Plus Series: Design: For those with a penchant for a modern, industrial look, the Professional Plus Series is the answer. Sleek lines, tubular handles, and European-style cooktop knobs give it an edgy appearance.

Functionality: Mirroring the Majestic in most functionalities, what sets the Professional Plus apart are its broad, rectangular viewing windows, making food monitoring seamless.

Customization: Moving away from the conventional, this series presents metallic colors, such as matte graphite, stainless steel, and glossy black, all complemented with stainless steel trim.




Conclusion: The choice between ILVE's Nostalgie, Majestic, and Professional Plus series boils down to individual style preferences, kitchen needs, and, of course, budget. Each series has its unique features that set it apart. Whether you're swayed by the vintage charm of Nostalgie, the functional superiority of Majestic, or the industrial edge of Professional Plus, you're bound to enjoy a top-notch cooking experience combined with energy efficiency and undeniable style. Choose wisely and cook away!

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