Digital Drawing Tablet Electronic Sketchbook Animation Art Tablet with Screen for Kids/Adults



Digital Drawing Tablet Electronic Sketchbook Animation Art Tablet with Screen for Kids/Adults - Morealis

Digital Drawing Tablet Electronic Sketchbook Animation Art Tablet with Screen for Kids/Adults



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Digital Drawing Tablet Electronic Sketchbook Animation Art Tablet with Screen for Kids/Adults

Our digital drawing tablet with screen is elegantly designed for drawers; whether you are an avid amateur or a professional artist.

digital drawing tablet

Our digital drawing pad uses light-absorbing technology to give off a glowing display of designs and letters.

The art tablets with screen feature an LED light source and is perfect for sketching, drawing, animation, calligraphy, and other designs.

Simply put, our electronic drawing pad is not only a portable drawing animation tablet but is the best digital artist set up for any creative artists out there. 

If this digital sketch pad isn't the best drawing tablet for artists who love to draw, what is?! The digital sketch pad is designed to be taken on the go so you can draw at a moment's notice.

graphics tablet with screen

Slim and lightweight, our electronic sketchbook can be carried around for all your travel adventures! Bring this animation pad with you anywhere with its compact portability.

It will bring your drawings to life with its computer animation touch screen technology. Artists love using this digital art pad because it really brings out an HD display with over 16.7 million colors!

Why Try Our Premium Digital Drawing Tablet Electronic Sketchbook Animation Art Tablet?

With over 10,000 customers, our digital drawing tablet has outperformed and underpriced traditional drawing pad for years.

With a superior product at reasonable prices, this electronic sketchbook can be used as an art tablets with screen or a portable kids drawing tablet and is arguably the best drawing tablets currently in the market!


HIGH-QUALITY RESOLUTION - Our digital drawing tablet features 1080HD resolution and is the best drawing tablet with a clear protective film on the pad, which makes the drawings come to life.

COMPACT AND PORTABLE - This graphic art drawing tablets with a screen is an animation pad that is so useful when traveling. It is the best simple drawing screen for beginners and its compact and portable design makes it the best drawing pad to bring with you anywhere you go.

LIGHT-ABSORBING TECHNOLOGY - Our digital drawing pad uses light-absorbing technology and is perfect for sketching, drawing, animation, calligraphy, and other designs.


1. Tilt Support
Drawing Tablet is optimized to realize ±60°brush tilt in a more organic way, which supports users to do digital calligraphy as well as simulate pencil sketching without compromising accuracy or their authentic drawing skills.
2. Phone Connectivity
Connect your phone to the tablet and it will be activated automatically. The aspect ratio of the active area requires to be adjusted as X: Y=10: 16. Otherwise, hold the pre-programmed express keys (K1 and K6 as shown in the picture) for 3 seconds to activate the Phone Mode.
* Currently only phones/tablets running on Android 6.0 or above versions are supported.
3.Programmable Press Keys
11 programmable press keys are available on the front side of H320M.
   1. Other keys serve different functions
   2. All keys can be programmed as you prefer;
   3. Rounded key surface to better fit the shape of your fingers;
   4. Braille on keys will facilitate your works as you can locate a specific key without looking on the tablet.
4.USB-C Interface
USB-C interface is more user-friendly.
5. Windows/OS Support
Connections with computers, phones or tablets running on Windows/macOS/Android are all supported.

electronic drawing pad


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