HermleClock Carrington 22" Regulator Wall Clock Walnut - 1/2 Hour Strike 70989030141

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HermleClock Carrington 22" Regulator Wall Clock Walnut - 1/2 Hour Strike 70989030141

HermleClock is a clock importer of quality clocks. Their careful curation of clock designs feature not only those traditional favorites from our German parent company, but also the bold, the colorful, and the fanciful clock designs found elsewhere around the world

Hermleclock uniquely designed and are constantly evolving to match a modern, digital era where clocks are viewed as form over function. We believe that the perfect combination of sentiment and fresh design never goes out of style with HermleClock Carrington 22" Regulator Wall Clock Walnut - 1/2 Hour Strike 70989030141.

Regulator Clock with Front and Side Glass in a variety of finishes with either a 14 Day 1/2 hour Strike Movement or an 8-day Westminster chime.


  • Mechanical regulator wall clock
  • Available in Black, Maple, Walnut, or IceBeech Finish
  • Features an exclusive solid wooden case with front and side glass
  • Stunning grid style pendulum with a printed Arabic numeral dial
  • Uses simple straight clock hands
  • 14-day power reserve 1/2 hour strike movement


  • Dimensions: 22" x 9" x 5" 
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