What You Need To Know About Coronavirus

What You Need To Know About The Coronavirus Pandemic

If you don't know already, the coronavirus has been spreading rapidly among the Eastern Hemisphere. According to public news sources, the coronavirus outbreak has killed at least 305 people and infected more than 14,300 globally, as it continues to spread beyond China.

"The prospect is daunting. A pandemic — an ongoing epidemic on two or more continents — may well have global consequences, despite the extraordinary travel restrictions and quarantines now imposed by China and other countries, including the United States"

Why do I need to know about the coronavirus outbreak? 

Well, simply because there hasn't been a disease like this since the 2003 SARS attack. Simply put, Wuhan, the supposed origin of the virus, has been on full lockdown as well as many other provinces in China. 

Nearly 10,000 confirmed cases and 213 confirmed deaths attributed to 2019-nCoV, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). 99% of the cases and all of the deaths have been in China. There have also been six cases in the US in four states (Arizona, California, Illinois, and Washington). Another 160 people in 36 states are being evaluated for suspected infection. 

All these numbers are likely to increase, as we have not even reached the peak of the disease yet. How long this disease may last, still remains unclear. 

So what can I do to help prevent the virus from infecting me?

If you want to reduce your risk of coronavirus infection, make sure to implement these steps ASAP. 

  1. Clean your hands with soap and water CONSTANTLY. Do not touch your face no matter how itchy it may be. Touching your face will increase the chance of infection TREMENDOUSLY!
  2. Avoid close contact with anyone, period. If someone looks like they have a cold or the flu, avoid contact with them no matter what. If you have to shake hands or show friendly gestures, make sure to hand sanitize and wash your hands with soup thoroughly afterward.
  3. Make sure to cook your meat and eggs thoroughly. Wild animals or farm animals have the highest chance of contact without even knowing they're infected. Do yourself a favor and avoid undercooking your foods in a crisis like this.

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